In this article, we talk about the design of exterior and interior villas in all their styles and details in Turkey for 2023!

We will discuss everything related to villa designs, starting from external to internal factors, in addition to the specificity of each style and type of villa, and we will also share with you the latest villa design ideas with photos.

And at the end of our article, we will tell you what you need to do as a person looking for an engineering office to design and implement a villa in Turkey.

Let’s start together to get a summary of villa design from our experts!

Information about the design of villas in Turkey

Undoubtedly, you need a lot of information about the design of villas in Turkey, but don’t worry, you will find everything you are looking for below!

Factors to consider when designing villas from abroad in Turkey

Several factors are taken into account when designing villas from the outside to ensure the aesthetics and effectiveness of the exterior appearance. At the forefront of these factors are the choice of materials used, compatibility with the surrounding environment, and the integration of shapes and colors.

1. Design of villa facades:

The design of the villa facades reflects the identity of the villa and the personalities of its owners. Bloom follows high engineering standards that focus on simplicity, integration of elements, and respect for the surrounding environment.

The facades of the villas offered by the company are characterized by combining art and technology, taking into account the provision of execution services exclusively in Turkey.

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Designing the facades of villas in Turkey
Design of Villa facades

2. Exterior wall and fence design for villas:

The exterior wall and fence designs of villas are crucial elements in determining the visual destination of a dwelling. Bloom focuses on creating designs that strike a balance between privacy and aesthetics, using sustainable, long-lasting materials.

The design of the exterior walls and fences of the villas is intended to ensure the safety of residents while at the same time providing an attractive facade. The company is working to present these designs globally, with an emphasis on implementation in Turkey.

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Exterior wall and fence design of villas in Turkey
Wall and exterior fence design ideas for villas

3. Design of exterior doors and windows for villas:

Exterior doors and windows are elements that give the villa its own identity. Bloom seeks to create designs that combine the functions of ventilation and natural lighting with safety and architectural aesthetics. Using high-quality materials.

Design of exterior doors and windows for villas in Turkey
Designs of doors and windows of villas from the outside

4. Design of outdoor villa gardens:

The outdoor gardens of the villas represent an oasis of comfort and beauty in the architectural space. In its designs, Bloom ensures the efficient use of green spaces, taking into account the diversity of vegetation and waterways. Based on the principles of sustainable design.

At Bloom, we are keen to create a rich sensory experience for the residents, emphasizing the quality of implementation and innovation in Turkey

Design of outdoor Villa Gardens in Turkey
Design of outdoor villa gardens

5. Designing swimming pools for villas in Turkey:

The design of swimming pools is a luxurious addition to villas, especially in Turkey, which enjoys a warm summer season. At Bloom, we focus on designing pools that are in harmony with the identity of the villa and provide a unique relaxation experience. Using the latest technology, we ensure efficient water consumption and easy maintenance.

Although we offer our villa designs all over the world, Turkey remains the main implementation center for our projects.

Designing swimming pools for villas in Turkey
Designs of swimming pools and swimming pools for villas

Factors of designing villas from the inside in Turkey

When designing villas from the inside in Turkey, we take into account the fulfillment of the requirements of their owners. We also focus on exploiting natural light and providing efficient heating for cold winters.

The materials used are in line with the environment and reflect the local culture, while ensuring that residents are offered contemporary comfort. It is worth noting that we offer our designs internationally, but the implementation is completed mainly in Turkey.

1. Design of doors and entrances of villas from the inside:

We consider the design of the doors and interior entrances of the villas to be a key element that embodies identity and sophistication. We use luxurious materials that last a long time and bring a touch of elegance and warmth to the spaces.

The designs are distinguished by their simplicity and effectiveness while maintaining privacy and security functions. Although we offer our services to all countries in the world, Turkey remains the first destination for the implementation of our projects.

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Designing doors and entrances of villas from the inside in Saudi Arabia
Design of doors and entrances of villas from the inside

2. Interior staircase design for villas:

The design of the internal staircase of villas is not only a means of transition between floors but also an architectural art that contributes to determining the character of the space.

We use high-quality materials and ensure aesthetics, paying attention to every detail from handrails to steps. Although we offer our designs in many countries around the world, Turkey remains the ideal place to realize our business.

Interior staircase design for villas in Turkey
Interior staircase design for villas

3. Interior design of villas:

When designing the interiors of villas, we make sure that they combine luxury and modernity. We draw inspiration from architectural traditions and mix them with contemporary elements, creating an interior atmosphere that reflects the spirit of the place. With luxurious materials and soothing colors, we guarantee eye-catching decorations.

However, the wishes and aspirations of the villa owner remain the first destination for determining the style of the villa’s interiors.

Interior design of villas in Turkey
Interior design of villas

4. Villa furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens:

We strive to provide villa furniture that exceeds expectations; we embody living room furniture with renewed elegance; and we take care of comfort and tranquility in bedroom furniture.

Kitchens are designed with durable and modern furniture that achieves maximum efficiency. Each piece is considered the embodiment of innovation and luxury.

Taking into account the harmony of the furniture with the style of the villa and its interiors

Villa furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens for villas
Villa furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens

Types of Villa Designs in Turkey

Bloom offers a wide variety of types of villa designs to meet the aspirations of customers, including one-story villas that suit those who want privacy and two-story villas that provide wider spaces.

While the two-story villas with an annex combine space and elaborate design. As for the duplex villas, they are distinguished by their innovative subdivisions. With the possibility of designing and implementing any other types of villas.

Design of single-story villas:

The design of one-story villas is characterized by their provision of privacy and comfort. Bloom focuses on making the best use of space while ensuring a natural flow of movement within the villa.

The rooms are designed in such a way as to provide a clear view of the outdoor spaces, focusing on natural lighting.

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Design of one-storey villas in Turkey
Design of single-storey villas

Design of two-story villas:

In designing two-story villas, Bloom strives to provide a luxurious living experience that combines practicality and beauty. The first floor allows the distribution of social and public areas, while the second focuses on private areas such as bedrooms.

The designs of two-story villas are characterized by ventilation and natural lighting, with attention to fine details.

Although we at Bloom offer villa design services to all countries in the world, we mainly implement projects on Turkish soil.

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Design of two-storey villas in Turkey
Design of two-storey villas

Design of two-story villas with an annex:

The designs of two-story villas with an extension embody the spacious spaces of the villas. The two main floors ensure a separation between public and private spaces, while the annex provides an opportunity for additional spaces such as an office or an arcade.

In general, attention to every detail reflects a deep understanding of the needs of residents.

Design of two-storey villas with an annex in Turkey
Design of two-storey villas with an annex

Design of duplex villas:

The design of duplex villas highlights sophistication and innovation in the division of internal spaces. This design offers two main living spaces on two floors connected by an internal staircase, which gives a feeling of expansion and comfort.

Design ideas for duplex villas in Turkey
Design of duplex villas

Styles and forms of villa designs in Turkey

There are many styles of villa designs, including modern and contemporary villas that reflect simplicity and elegance, while luxury villas highlight a luxurious elegance.

While the classic villas retain the beauty of history and tradition, the neo-classic villas mix antiquity and modernity. Bloom Company seeks to provide villa designs for all countries of the world, but the implementation is limited to Turkey.

Design of modern and modern villas:

Modern and modern villa designs are characterized by simplicity and elegance, with priority given to clean lines and geometric shapes. These designs seek to strike a balance between quality and beauty while making the most of contemporary technology.

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Design of modern and modern villas in Turkey
Design of modern and modern villas with photos

Design of luxury villas:

The designs of luxury villas are distinguished by the accuracy of details and the use of high-quality materials. The design shows a deep concern for visual harmony and a reliance on luxurious elements that reflect sophistication and excellence.

High-end craftsmanship complements these villas, providing a charming and unique environment. Bloom combines tradition and innovation, with an emphasis on presenting these designs at the highest level in Turkey.

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Design of luxury villas in Turkey
Design of luxury villas

Design of classic villas:

The classic villa designs are the embodiment of elegance and heritage, featuring luxurious facades and rich architectural details. These designs restore the beauty of bygone eras through the use of natural materials and delicate decoration. The company “Bloom” guarantees the preservation of the originality of this model, taking into account modern technologies.

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Design of classic villas in Turkey
Design of classic villas

Design of new classic villas:

The designs of the neo-classic villas blend classic elegance with contemporary modernity. These designs include rich architectural facades that combine traditional decorative details with modern touches. The Bloom Company presents this model masterfully and accurately, taking advantage of the latest technical innovations.

Although we design all over the world, Turkey remains the main location for the implementation of our projects.

Design of new classic villas in Turkey
Design of new classic villas

Villa designs by country:

We are interested in providing villa designs that reflect the identity and culture of each country. From Andalusian villas with a central courtyard to Roman villas with vaulted ceilings and American villas with spacious areas. We also highlight the Ottoman elegance in the designs of Turkish villas and embrace the modern development in Emirati villas.

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Villa designs by country in Turkey
Villa designs by country

A must for the design of villas in Turkey

The choice of an experienced architecture firm should be considered, as it starts with determining the wishes and needs and then inspecting the villa site to study the spaces.

Prepares design schemes and extracts the necessary licenses before starting work. He closely follows the design with the engineering company, with the subsequent transition to the selection of decorations and furniture.

Here are more details:

1. Choosing an engineering company to design villas in Turkey:

Choosing an engineering company to design villas in Turkey is a crucial step to ensuring the quality of design and execution. The company’s reputation and experience in similar projects should be considered. Blum, for example, is distinguished by its world-class architectural designs that respond to the challenges of the Turkish environment and the needs of customers, making it a leading choice in this field.

2. Determining the wishes and needs when designing a villa:

When designing a villa, determining desires and needs is the basis of the process. This selection helps to emphasize the basic functionality and the desired aesthetic details. The client should clarify his preferences and requirements for his daily life with the engineering company.

And then the bloom company turns these wishes into a practical and attractive design that complies with high quality standards.

3. View the villa site and study the spaces:

Viewing the villa site and studying the spaces is a crucial step in the design process. Such a preview makes it possible to assess the surrounding environment and terrain, accurately determine the available spaces. 

Bloom attaches great importance to this step to ensure that the design is in harmony with its place. Knowing that it is designed globally with implementation within Turkey only.

4. Create a villa design scheme:

The creation of the villa design scheme forms the basis on which the project is built. This scheme ensures the identification of dimensions and spaces, ensuring the realization of the client’s vision and needs.

The Bloom company, which has extensive experience in designing villas globally, pays special attention to this stage to ensure the achievement of luxury and quality.

5. Obtaining the necessary licenses for the design of villas:

Obtaining the necessary licenses for the design of villas is a vital step to ensuring compliance with architectural and legal standards. This process requires dealing with interested parties and accurately submitting design documents.

Bloom Company helps its clients facilitate this process, focusing on details and accuracy, especially when implementing in Turkey.

6. Follow-up villa design with the architectural company:

Continuous communication and intensive follow-up with the architecture company are a necessity to ensure the achievement of the client’s vision and the application of architectural standards. Such cooperation requires a mutual understanding of trends and challenges.

As a leader in the design of villas, Blum guarantees the best results, especially when implemented in Turkey.

7. Choosing the interiors of villas:

The choice of interior decorations for villas is a crucial element in determining the character of the dwelling and the style of its inhabitants. The choices are based on blending practicality with beauty, ensuring the integration of colors and materials.

Thanks to its extensive experience, Bloom Company provides high-quality design consultations, emphasizing the specificity of execution in Turkey.

8. Choosing furniture for villas:

Choosing villa furniture requires a strategic vision to strike a balance between luxury and quality. Whether the choice leans towards custom-made furniture or ready-made pieces, the furniture should reflect the identity of the villa and the wishes of its inhabitants.

9. Receipt of the villa and confirmation of execution as agreed:

Upon receipt of the villa, verification of the conformity of the execution to the agreed specifications is a vital step. Careful revision of details and their conformity to the original schemes is one of our main priorities.

Bloom is the best engineering office for villa design in Turkey

Bloom is the best engineering office for villa design in Turkey; it has been able to combine Turkish architectural traditions with the latest engineering technologies. Relying on a distinguished and highly experienced team, Bloom has distinguished herself and achieved wide fame globally. Despite its ability to design villas all over the world, its implementation is carried out with excellence in Turkey.

Contact us now via WhatsApp to schedule a consultation during which we will discuss your wishes and aspirations for the design of your villa!

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