In this article, explore the ideas of house designs by area and style in Turkey through Bloom company.

There is no doubt that you are looking for an exceptional idea to feature in your home decor, right Well, you are in the right place as we offer you design ideas for ground-floor or one-or two-floor houses in different styles, but what are these styles and what do we take into account in these designs

Let’s start our journey together and discover the most beautiful home design ideas in Turkey for you to choose from what suits your home space.

Ground floor house design ideas in Turkey

When developing design ideas for a ground floor house in Turkey, care must be taken to achieve a balance between investing space and maintaining privacy. It is preferable to use wide windows to ensure the introduction of natural lighting, taking into account the presence of effective shading to provide privacy.

In addition, the flow between the interior spaces should be emphasized with the allocation of green areas that enhance comfort for the residents of the House.

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Ground floor house design ideas
Ground floor house design ideas in Turkey

One-door house design ideas in Turkey

The importance lies in choosing the design ideas of one-door houses in Turkey to ensure the natural flow of movement and the effective distribution of spaces. Efforts are focused on investing every corner of the space without neglecting Air and natural lighting.

Open areas such as living lounges and open kitchens are preferred, taking into account the creation of a balance between private and public areas to preserve privacy.

Modern single-story house design

Designers at Bloom company, when designing a modern single-story house, tend to adopt clean lines and simple structures. She avoids excessive decorations in favor of high-quality materials and polished details.

Wide glass facades reflect the desire to interact with the surrounding environment and ensure the introduction of abundant natural light.

Modern single-storey house design in Turkey
Modern single-story house design

Single-role house facade design

At Bloom, when designing the facade of a single-storey house, we strive to achieve excellence by combining luxury and beauty. Priority is given to the use of sustainable and long-lasting materials that add modern elegance to the facade.

The extended windows contribute to enhancing the harmony between the interior and the exterior and provide perfect natural lighting, while the emphasis is on architectural elements that reflect the identity of the resident and achieve balance in the design.

Facade design of a single-storey house in Turkey
Single-role house facade design

Design of a small single-role house

The priority when designing a small house is given one role in the company Bloom for innovative solutions that increase the efficiency of space. We strive to invest every centimeter of the house, taking into account the sense of comfort and empty spaces.

Modern technologies are integrated to achieve intelligent storage and optimal distribution of functions, while the architectural design gives the facade a unique character that combines elegance and practicality.

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Designing a small single-storey house in Turkey
Design of a small single-role house

Economical single-role house design

We focus on designing an economical single-role house to achieve maximum value taking into account the cost. It uses sustainable and affordable building materials that guarantee quality and durability.

In engineering designs, we also ensure that space losses are reduced and efficiency is increased, focusing on providing practical interior spaces that meet the needs of residents effectively and simply.

Designing an economical single-role house in Turkey
Economical single-role house design

Design of two-story houses with photos in Turkey

Priority is given when designing two-storey houses with photos in Turkey to ensure a natural and sustainable flow between the floors. The ground floor is dedicated to everyday living rooms such as living and dining, while the upper floor is dedicated to privacy such as rooms and rest areas.

Stairs and elevators are strategically used to provide easy access and at the same time, include external design elements that enhance the aesthetics and balance of the House.

Design of a small two-story house

Designing a small two-storey house is a challenge that requires engineering ingenuity and careful exploitation of spaces.

In the first floor, it should contain vital areas such as the lounge, kitchen and bathroom, while the second floor should preferably be allocated for bedrooms and bathrooms. Attention to ventilation and natural lighting also enhances the quality of living inside the House.

Design of a small two-storey house in Turkey
Design of a small two-storey house

Interior design of a two-story house

The design of a two-story house from the inside is characterized by the challenge of effectively investing space.

On the first floor, it focuses on creating open spaces that combine the lounge and kitchen to provide smooth movement, while on the second floor, bedrooms and bathrooms are allocated with doors that provide privacy. It is fundamental to take care of natural lighting and ventilation to ensure the quality of living.

Interior design of a two-storey house in Turkey
Interior design of a two-story house

House designs by style: ideas for choosing the design of your home

House designs vary by style, which gives you the opportunity to choose what suits your own taste. The classic style is characterized by elegance and fine architectural details, while the modern style offers simplicity in design and straight lines.

It is also necessary to evaluate your requirements and lifestyle before deciding, to ensure the choice of a design that strikes a balance between functionality and beauty.

Turkish house design

The design of a Turkish house reflects a rich cultural heritage and a distinctive urban history. Turkish houses are also distinguished by their stone facades and wide double-hung windows.

Internally, the rooms include high ceilings decorated with wooden paneling, often there are hand-made niches used for seating or for decoration. As for warm colors and local inscriptions, they will complement the beauty of the design.

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Turkish house design in Turkey
Turkish house design

American home design

The design of an American house is distinguished by its flexibility and adaptation to the requirements of modern life. Such houses often include wooden facades and spacious balconies. Internally, open spaces and large living rooms are essential features, with an emphasis on kitchens equipped with the latest technology.

The architectural features also combine tradition with contemporary elements to provide superior comfort for the residents.

Designing an American house in Turkey
American home design

Andalusian house design

The design of an Andalusian house stands out with its unique style and rich architectural influences. Also, these houses feature a central inner courtyard that ensures ventilation and natural lighting, fountains and decorative panels decorate the space.

Pointed arches and walls decorated with carvings give a romantic and historical atmosphere. The dominant white color and lime motifs also complement the Andalusian elegance of the House.

Design of an Andalusian house in Turkey
Andalusian house design

European house design

The design of a European house is distinguished by its elegance and uniqueness. European houses often have brick or stone facades, with sloping roofs and wooden balconies. Internally, large fireplaces and wooden floors stand out, as well as fine architectural details.

The elaborate designs also reflect the multiple cultures that have formed in Europe over the ages.

Designing a European house in Turkey
European house design

Design of a country house

The design of a country house is based on simplicity and dependence on natural materials. Cottages are also distinguished by their wooden facades and thatched roofs or metal roofing. Spacious balconies embrace the entrances to the house, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. Internally, stone fireplaces occupy a central place, complementing the cozy rustic atmosphere.

Design of a country house in Turkey
Design of a country house

Bloom is the best engineering company for the design and implementation of houses in Turkey

Bloom company enjoys a good position among engineering design companies in Turkey. It always strives to provide modern designs that meet the needs of customers, and has a qualified team that uses modern technologies. Through its commitment to quality, Bloom attracts many customers wishing to design and build their own homes in Turkey.

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