In this article, learn about some of the exterior design ideas for houses through Bloom company, and discover the latest designs of facades and roofs of houses from abroad in Turkey.

Undoubtedly, the design of the facades of houses can make a noticeable difference in architectural identity. The exterior design of houses in Turkey highlights the perfect balance between luxury and aesthetics. The surfaces and materials used also brilliantly reflect the culture of the region.

If you want to start choosing a distinctive design for your home, let’s start together with the journey of discovering designs that combine beauty and quality.

The most important standards of exterior design of houses in Turkey

Here are the most important criteria for the exterior design of houses in Turkey, which should be taken into account:

  • Integration with the environment: the exterior design should be in harmony with the surrounding environment, be it natural areas or local urban areas.
  • Use local materials: local materials are preferred in construction, such as stone and brick, not only to support local industries but also to ensure visual integration.
  • Maintaining privacy: due to the importance of maintaining privacy in Turkish culture, the facades are designed so as to preserve the privacy of the residents of the house without compromising on natural lighting.
  • Adoption of sustainable designs: with increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability, Green Building Standards and the use of energy-saving technologies are priorities in new projects.

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Exterior design ideas for houses with photos in Turkey

We have collected for you exterior design ideas for houses with photos in Turkey, as Turkish design witnesses an intensive use of natural stone and brick, focusing on preserving privacy.

Patios and terraces also appear as recurring elements, they reflect the local way of life. In coastal areas, water views are highlighted, which gives a calm and romantic atmosphere to the overall design.

House building design

The design of the construction of a house is considered a complex technical and technical process. It starts with understanding the needs and expectations of the client, then locating the house and directing it towards the natural landscape.

Next comes the selection of suitable materials that combine quality and sustainability. Ultimately, all these elements combine to create a design that respects the environment and reflects the spirit of the place.

Design of facades of houses from the outside

The design of the facades of houses from the outside reflects the character of the house and its architectural identity. The facade of the house is connected to the surrounding environment, both through the use of local materials and following certain patterns.

It is also necessary that the facade is of high quality, preserves privacy and allows natural light to enter. In the end, a successful interface strives to combine beauty and functionality in perfect harmony.

Designing facades of houses from the outside in Turkey
Design of facades of houses from the outside

Exterior wall design of the House

Designing an exterior wall of a house requires a careful artistic look and deep technical knowledge. The wall acts as a protective barrier and an aesthetic element that determines the appearance of the House. The use of materials that are sustainable and resistant to climatic factors is also fundamental.

It is also necessary to take into account ventilation and thermal insulation, to ensure comfort inside the house and energy efficiency.

Exterior wall design of the house in Turkey
Exterior wall design of the house

Design of gardens and gardens of houses

The design of lawns and gardens of houses depends on the distribution of plants and trees to keep pace with climatic conditions and achieve comfort for residents. Also added to this is the use of corridors and fountains as elements that enhance the quality of the place. The design goal is to create a comfortable and harmonious green space with the surrounding environment.

Designing gardens and gardens of houses in Turkey
Design of gardens and gardens of houses

Design of roofs of houses

The design of rooftops is an essential element in the design of houses. It aims to combine technical and aesthetic processes to ensure water flow and heat insulation.

In addition, the roofs can be invested by creating loft gardens or recreational spaces that enhance the quality of life of residents. In the end, a good roof design gives the house a distinctive identity and ensures its durability over the years.

Home warehouse design

Designing a home warehouse is a technical-technical task. It combines storage needs and space investment efficiently. Also, the goal is to create an organized and accessible place, taking into account comfort and safety. It is necessary to choose materials that are resistant to external factors and ensure good ventilation for proper preservation of the contents.

Design of the external fence of the House

In designing the exterior fence of the house, we focus on matching it with the general visual identity while ensuring security . The fence not only provides protection, but also gives a special aesthetic to the place.

It should also be in harmony with the design of the house itself, taking into account durability and specificity. The use of high-quality materials and aesthetic details can enhance the attractiveness of the fence and ensure its durability for many years.

The design of the external fence of the house in Turkey
The design of the external fence of the house

Design of a garage under the House

The design of a garage under the House contributes to saving space and preserving the external aesthetic of the facade. The garage should also ensure easy access and exit for cars, taking into account proper ventilation.

In addition, an efficient ventilation system and slip-resistant floors are priorities. The emphasis should be on security and the provision of premium lighting systems that enhance the effectiveness of the garage and make it an ideal complement to the home.

Design of balconies houses

The design of Manzil balconies is an essential element that combines functionality and aesthetics. The balcony should be characterized by maximum utilization of space while ensuring the safety of residents. The use of weather-resistant materials and the provision of protective barriers give an aesthetic and effective touch. Plants and seating areas turn the balcony into a lively space inside the House.

Design of an external staircase for a house

The design of an external staircase of a house forms an important part of the architectural composition. The staircase must be strong and durable to withstand the elements, taking into account safety through effective side barriers.

Attention to aesthetic details, such as the choice of materials and shapes, gives a special identity to the house, while maintaining ease of access and movement.

Basement design of a house

The design of the basement of a house is an important element of architecture. The basement must ensure good ventilation and excellent insulation from atmospheric factors such as humidity to ensure a healthy and dry environment. While choosing the right building materials ensures the durability and safety of the crypt over the years.

Home pool design

The design of the home pool in terms of shape and size should be in line with the requirements of the family and the style of the House. Taking care of safety details and filtering the water achieves a safe and clean swimming environment, while the choice of materials and colors enhances the attractiveness of the place and integrates it with the design of the surrounding park.

Exterior home pier design

The design of the exterior of the House pier is a key element of the architectural identity of the House. It should be in harmony with the facade of the building and the natural surroundings.

The use of durable and high-quality materials ensures that it retains its beauty over time, while the unique design contributes to smooth movement and comfort for visitors and residents of the House.

What does the structural design of houses include

The structural design of houses covers several basic aspects that determine the durability and sustainability of the House. Among these aspects are:

  • Foundations: the design of the basic bases that hold the weight of the building and evenly distribute the loads to the ground.
  • Columns: calculate the loads that they will withstand and determine the appropriate materials and dimensions for them.
  • Load-bearing walls: determine the locations that will effectively withstand and distribute loads in the House.
  • Roofs: design of roofs in proportion to loads, thermal and sound insulation.

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