In this article, learn about everything related to designing houses from the inside and see the latest interior design ideas for houses in Turkey that the bloom team offers you.

We offer you home design ideas from the inside with photos, including the design of rooms, interior spaces of houses and all parts of the house, if you want to get acquainted with these designs and their basics, you just have to continue reading.

What are the basics of home interior design?

The interior design of houses determines the identity and atmosphere of the space in which the residents live, and one of the most prominent basics of interior design of houses that we focus on at Bloom company is:

  • Distribution of spaces: rooms and corridors should be distributed in such a way as to ensure maximum utilization of space and achieve proper flow.
  • The choice of colors: the influence of colors on the psyche should be considered and selected in proportion to the function of each room.
  • Lighting: work on providing a natural and artificial light source that contributes to highlighting the aesthetics of the space and its effectiveness.
  • Use of materials: selection of decorations and furniture with high-quality materials and durability, as well as taking into account the desired beauty and comfort.

Challenges and solutions in the investment of space in the interior design of houses

The investment of space in the interior design of houses faces multiple challenges, as narrow spaces or corners that are not invested may appear. At Bloom, we offer effective solutions, including the use of multifunctional furniture and improving the distribution of spaces.

In addition, we use mirrors to give a sense of spaciousness and improve the lighting to highlight the aesthetics and effectiveness of the space.

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Design of rooms and interior spaces of houses in Turkey

The design of rooms and interiors of houses in Turkey is characterized by combining traditional and modern character. At Bloom, we focus on maintaining this distinct identity, taking into account the maximum use of space. We use materials and colors that add warmth and comfort, ensuring a balance between functionality and aesthetics in the designs.

Design of bedrooms in houses

The bedrooms in the houses are a special haven for rest and relaxation. At Bloom, we pay special attention to the design of bedrooms in homes, using calm colors and comfortable furniture.

We combine advanced technologies with aesthetics, to ensure the creation of an ideal environment conducive to relaxation and rejuvenation, taking into account elegance and renewed design.

Kitchen and lounge design

The design of the kitchen and lounges is one of the most prominent elements of the house in determining the lifestyle. At Bloom, we focus on combining functionality and aesthetics. We use high-quality materials and modern technologies to ensure ease of Use and sustainability. The goal is to create living spaces that meet the needs of the family and reflect its taste and elegance.

Kitchen and lounge design in Turkey
Kitchen and lounge design

Design of offices and workspaces

Workspaces are one of the most important elements that affect the productivity of individuals. At Bloom, we aim to design offices and workspaces that combine practicality and modernity. We also focus on the effective use of space, while ensuring a comfortable and stimulating work environment. We are keen to include modern technologies to enhance cooperation and communication between individuals.

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Office and workspace design in Turkey
Design of offices and workspaces

Design of doorways and hallways for houses

Doorways and hallways make up the first impression destination in the House. At Bloom, we emphasize the importance of designing entrances and corridors for homes in a way that reflects the personality of the residents of the House.

We also ensure the provision of warm lighting and the use of appropriate colors to expand visibility. We invest the spaces intelligently, taking into account the complementary decorative elements.

Elements of the design of houses from the interior with photos

The magnificence of the design of houses from the inside consists in combining multiple elements. At Bloom, we emphasize the use of decorations as a means of expressing several elements, including color consistency, controlled lighting, and the selection of appropriate furniture. These elements work together to create a unique and comfortable residential experience.

Design of house windows

The design of the windows of the house requires an artistic look. At Bloom, we focus on choosing designs that ensure the flow of natural lighting and good ventilation. Materials and colors are also important in determining the overall character of the space. Windows, simply put, are the eyes of the house towards the outside world.

Furniture design and decorations

The design of furniture and decorations is a fundamental pillar in the world of interior design. We strive to create furniture pieces that combine quality and elegance, taking into account comfort, quality and decorations, for their part, add artistic touches that reflect the identity of the inhabitant and define the atmosphere of the spaces.

Furniture and Decoration Design in Turkey
Furniture design and decorations

Design of a Home Chapel

The design of a Home Chapel requires an emphasis on simplicity and Privacy. At Bloom company, we take care that the Chapel provides a calm that helps to concentrate in prayer, taking into account its orientation towards the Qibla.

Neutral colors and calm lighting also enhance the spirituality of the place, emphasizing the use of high-quality materials.

Home gym design

The design of a home gym is characterized by striking a balance between efficiency and comfort. We focus on efficient use of space, while ensuring proper ventilation for exercises. Anti-slip flooring and wide mirrors also enhance the workout experience, emphasizing space for safe storage of devices.

Designing a home gym in Turkey
Home gym design

Design of a house chimney

The design of a house chimney requires taking into account several technical and aesthetic factors. At Blum, we ensure effective smoke removal and safety, while using heat-resistant materials. The exterior design is in line with the interior decoration of the house, while we emphasize a balance between high performance and attractive appearance.

Home theater design

Designing a home theater is considered an art that combines technique and aesthetics. At Bloom, we focus on providing a high-quality audio-visual experience, taking into account the best distribution of seats and screen.

The interior decoration also plays an essential role in enhancing the experience, while we ensure the use of modern technology for the best performance.

Home pharmacy design

Designing a home pharmacy is a challenge that combines functionality and safety. We ensure efficient space investment, with medical supplies arranged in an orderly manner. Ventilation and lighting are of particular importance, while the materials used ensure easy cleaning and maintain cleanliness.

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Design ideas for House entrances and hallways in Turkey

The design of House entrances and hallways in Turkey is characterized by a combination of tradition and modernity. We rely on the use of warm colors and elaborate Ottoman motifs. Tiles also add a great artistic touch, while elaborate lighting enhances the aesthetics of the space and gives a sense of expansion.

House entrance design

The design of the entrance to the house is one of the basic elements of interior design. At Bloom, we pay special attention to this area, using luxurious materials and quiet lighting. Thoughtful furniture and specific decor ensure that the hallway is made luxurious and a reflection of the personality of the residents.

Designing a house corridor

The design of a house corridor is of particular importance, as we strive at Bloom to turn these corridors into aesthetic spaces. We use integrated lighting and appropriate decoration to ensure easy mobility and maintain elegance, enhancing the comfort and safety of residents.

Home bar design

The design of a home bar requires a careful artistic look, as at Bloom we focus on combining quality and style. We use high-quality materials to ensure durability and style, and add the right lighting to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, achieving an ideal place for entertainment and relaxation.

Attention to fine details in the interior design of houses

Attention to fine details determines the quality of Interior Design, at Bloom we consider every detail, no matter how small, as a contributor to the formation of the whole picture.

Specific decorations and the selection of appropriate colors contribute to enhancing the attractiveness of the space, harmoniously complementing the aesthetics and functionality of the place.

Design of home waterfalls and fountains

The design of home waterfalls and fountains shows the art of integration of water elements and interior space. At Bloom, we focus on investing in Natural Resources, which brings a lively and calm touch to the place. The flowing water also highlights the aesthetics of movement and sound, complementing the atmosphere of the house with a special splendor.

Design of home libraries and reading corners

The design of home libraries and reading corners requires a specialized look to ensure functionality and aesthetics, as at Bloom we prefer to invest space and choose the appropriate colors to stimulate concentration. Accurate lighting and comfortable furniture determine the atmosphere of reading, contribute to a unique experience for residents.

Design of gyms and entertainment spaces inside the House

The design of gyms and recreation spaces inside the House needs a balanced approach that combines efficiency and comfort. At Bloom, we focus on providing optimal ventilation and using the right flooring to minimize shocks.

We also ensure that we allocate space for storage and choose lighting that enhances enthusiasm and concentration during the activity.

Highlighting style and personality in the design of houses from the inside

Highlighting style and personality in the design of houses from the inside is a key goal at Bloom. We strive to transform the spaces into a work of art that reflects the identity of the residents and respects their taste. Through the choice of colors, furniture and decorations, we ensure to provide a unique residential experience that translates the values and dreams of each client.

Bloom is the best interior home design company in Turkey

Bloom is a pioneer in the field of Interior Design in Turkey, combining art and technology to create modern and elegant spaces. Thanks to our outstanding team and deep experience, we achieve designs that meet the needs of customers taking into account the elegance and quality of execution.

For anyone looking for the best in the design world, Bloom is the perfect choice! We provide design services to all countries with the possibility of implementation in Turkey only.

Concluding the conversation about the design of houses from the inside, attention to detail and creativity show how spaces can turn into living places that reflect the style and personality of their inhabitants. And choosing the right interior is not only a matter of beauty, it is an investment in quality of life and peace of mind.

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