In this article, learn about the latest ideas and photos for designing a house garden in Turkey and choose a home garden design that suits your requirements.

Home gardens in Turkey are characterized by their own character and bright colors, as we put our advanced engineering experience at Bloom’s service to transform your outdoor space into an amazing Home Garden that combines art and nature.

Whether you are looking to design a quiet garden or a place full of life, we offer you the best ideas and images that inspire you to achieve your ideal vision of your desired home.

How to choose a stylish and Simple Home Garden Design

If you want to choose an elegant and simple home garden design, you must take into account the desired goals of the garden and understand its basic functions:

  • Choose plants that are compatible with the local climate to reduce their wilting percentage and ensure their success.
  • The use of natural elements such as water and stones to give an aesthetic touch and elegance.
  • Plan comfortable corridors and seating areas that allow you to relax and enjoy nature.
  • Avoid excessive clutter and complex designs, let the garden breathe simply and elegantly.

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Home Garden Design Ideas with photos in Turkey

We have collected for you the ideas of House garden designs with photos in Turkey that combine elegance and aesthetics to give you a picturesque space in your home.

The plantings with different types of flowers and native plants reflect the beauty of nature, while the use of fountains and water spaces gives a touch of tranquility and distinction. The use of natural stone in the corridors and benches also reflects a special elegance that combines tradition and modernity.

Design of a rectangular Home Garden

The design of a rectangular Home Garden needs to make maximum use of space. It is also preferable to divide the garden into functional areas, such as a seating corner and a barbecue or play area.

Tall, slender plants give the sides a sense of vertical expanse, while open spaces in the center accentuate central features such as a fountain or a statue.

Design of a rectangular Home Garden in Turkey
Design of a rectangular Home Garden

Design of small home gardens

Designing small home gardens requires investing space wisely. Built-in furniture and multi-purpose garages can also be used to create a wider space. The addition of hanging plants and plant shelves increases comfort without sacrificing floor space, while light colors and mirrors can enhance a sense of spaciousness.

Designing small home gardens in Turkey
Design of small home gardens

Simple Home Garden Design

The design of simple home gardens is based on minimizing the elements as much as possible while adopting calm designs and colors.

It encourages the use of versatile plants that provide shade, privacy and act as a decorative element. Clear corridors and open spaces make it easier to navigate, while specific plant compositions and carefully selected furniture can give a feeling of harmony and breeziness.

Designing simple home gardens in Turkey
Simple Home Garden Design

Outdoor Home Garden Design

Designing an outdoor home garden requires a strategic look to balance beauty and functionality. It is also preferable to select areas for sitting and relaxing, taking into account the plant diversity.

The use of natural barriers such as shrubs and native plants adds privacy, while paths and fountains give the space outstanding features and a striking aesthetic effect.

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Outdoor Home Garden Design in Turkey
Outdoor Home Garden Design

Designing a garden in front of the House

The design of a garden in front of the house is the first facade that visitors notice, and for this you need an elaborate design. Plants and flowers should also reflect the essence and character of the inhabitants.

The use of basins and stones gives a special charm and character, while clear corridors help to guide visitors and give a distinct first impression of the House.

Designing a garden in front of the house in Turkey
Designing a garden in front of the House

Home roof garden design

The design of the roof garden of the house makes it possible to effectively invest the upper spaces. The use of light tubs and climbing plants can create beautiful spaces for family evenings.

The use of wooden floors and tiles also helps to delineate the zones, while umbrellas and comfortable benches give a touch of coziness and beauty to the surface.

Home roof garden design in Turkey
Home roof garden design

Advantages of designing home gardens on roofs in Turkey

Turkey is characterized by its privileged location and picturesque nature, so the advantages of designing home gardens on roofs are several of them:

  • Space investment: this design allows residents to exploit unused spaces above buildings.
  • Landscaped: roof gardens offer panoramic views of the city and enhance the surrounding nature, especially in coastal and mountainous areas.
  • Improve air quality: parks contribute to purifying the air and reducing pollution, which promotes a healthy environment for residents.
  • Thermal insulation: roof gardens help provide a natural thermal insulator, reducing cooling and heating costs for homes.

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