Discover the latest Design of villas by style for 2023 in Turkey with photos!

There are many styles of villa design, including Andalusian, European, Turkish, Romanian, American, and many others. In this article, we will learn about the styles of villa designs with photos and the most prominent differences between each style.

And now let’s discover together the ideas of designing villas according to style in Turkey and other countries of the world!

Why does the style of villa design differ from country to country?

There are many factors that distinguish each style of villa design from country to country; here are the most prominent ones:

  • Cultural heritage: each architectural style of the villas reflects the heritage of the country to which it belongs, resulting in a variety of shapes, decorations, and materials used.
  • Climatic conditions: climatic factors play an important role in determining the style of villas, as the design is most often in line with the surrounding environment to ensure comfort and efficiency.
  • Economy of the country: the economic situation of the country influences the choice of the villa model, as it controls the quality of materials and technology used in construction.
  • Laws and regulations: some countries impose laws and regulations that define certain aspects of villa design, which contribute to the formation of a certain style that is characteristic of this country.
  • Special tastes and desires: the tastes and desires in villa designs vary from country to country, and therefore a certain style or style may be famous outside that country as well.

Interior and exterior design of villas according to style

The designs of the villas inside and out, according to the style, reflect the local environment and culture of each country. The designs of Turkish villas emphasize decoration and warm colors, while the designs of Andalusian villas are characterized by fine arts and gardens.

While American villa designs showcase technology and modern design, these and other styles interact to create villa designs that meet the desires of their owners and reflect their own tastes.

Turkish villa designs

The designs of Turkish villas embody a unique combination of historical richness and modern sophistication, featuring intricate artistic motifs and warm colors. The designs of Turkish villas also reflect comfort through the use of open spaces and wide windows that allow the flow of natural light.

Natural materials such as stone and wood add a romantic touch to the design, while modern technologies provide high energy efficiency and modern comfort.

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Designs of styles of Turkish villas in Turkey
Turkish style villa design ideas

Spanish Design Villas

The designs of Spanish villas express an ancient heritage and a rich culture, which are manifested in the use of a sharp arch and glazed ceilings.

Spanish villas are characterized by thick walls that keep the interior cool in summer and warm in winter. The central courtyard also contributes to optimal ventilation and provides space for gardens and fountains.

Spanish Design Villas in Turkey
Spanish style villa design ideas

American Design Villas has two floors and an annex

The designs of American villas with two floors and an annex combine luxury and practicality, as they feature open spaces and spacious rooms that enhance family communication.

Modern kitchens and living rooms are the center of American villas, while the annex provides flexibility in using the spaces for multiple purposes, such as an office or a guest room.

The use of smart technology and sustainable energy systems in the design of American villas also gives a touch of modernity and efficiency while maintaining elegant design and aesthetic appeal.

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American Design Villas has two floors and an annex in Turkey
American Design Villas has two floors and an annex

Design of Chinese-style villas

The design of Chinese-style villas is characterized by its combination of harmonious geometry and Chinese philosophy, highlighting the use of simple shapes and clear lines.

Natural materials such as wood and stone play an important role in creating a calm and balanced atmosphere. The spaces are arranged according to the principles of the Chinese style in the architecture of the villas to ensure harmony and balance.

Gardens, fountains, and arched doors complement the picture, offering a unique experience that combines aesthetics and comfort.

Design of Chinese-style villas in Turkey
Design of Chinese-style villas

Andalusian Design Villas

The design of Andalusian villas represents uniqueness and cultural richness, combining Islamic and western architecture.

Andalusian design villas are characterized by open spaces with fountains and beautiful gardens, which reflect the philosophy of living in harmony with nature. Intricate decorations and magnificent mosaics show high artistry in detail.

While convex arches and glazed ceilings give an atmosphere of elegance and romance. In this style, there is a thoughtful distribution of light and shadow, which creates a charming effect reflecting the essence of Andalusian culture.

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Andalusian Design Villas in Turkey
Andalusian Design Villas

Mexican Design Villas

The design of the Mexican villas embodies the rich culture and ancient history of Mexico, featuring bright colors and local materials such as bricks and porcelain.

The Mexican style in the design of the villas includes a sloping roof with ceramic tiles and thick walls that help control the temperature.

Mexican design villas blend modernity and tradition while adding a touch of simplicity and elegance, making them suitable for different tastes.

Mexican Design Villas in Turkey
Mexican Design Villas

European design villa

The design of European villas combines classic splendor with elegant modernity, characterized by elaborate construction and attention to fine details.

This style involves the use of luxurious materials such as marble and solid wood. The advantage of the European design of villas is the interconnection of internal and external spaces while providing space for comfort.

European villa designs express a fine sense of art and reflect a commitment to quality and style in every part of the villa.

European design villa in Turkey
European design villa

Roman design villa

Roman Design Villas embody the antiquity and aesthetic that characterize ancient Roman architecture.

Notable features of this design include columns, domes, and ornate details. The Roman architectural design of the villas reflects balance and harmony of design, while high-quality building materials contribute to ensuring durability and luxury.

Roman design villa in Turkey
Roman design villa

Coastal design villa

The design of coastal villas focuses on the view of the water and harmony with the surrounding nature. This style is characterized by open spaces, wide windows that provide natural lighting, and a panoramic view of the sea.

Local building materials and light paint colors contribute to a balance between luxury and simplicity. The coastal design of the villas reflects the spirit of relaxation and comfort and contributes to a unique living experience near the seashore.

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Coastal design villa in Turkey
Coastal design Villa

Villa dome design

The dome design The villa represents a unique combination of luxury and innovation in architecture, as the dome reflects a sustainable engineering design that contributes to energy savings.

The dome contributes to an even distribution of the load and minimizes the consumption of building materials. The dome also gives a distinct aesthetic that enhances the splendor and attractiveness of the villa while providing effective natural ventilation that contributes to the comfort of residents.

Villa design domes in Turkey
Villa design domes

Villa Palace design

Design Palace Villa combines the splendor of luxury with uniqueness in design, reflecting the quality of advanced architectural construction. It is characterized by spacious areas and fine details that give the villa the character of royal palaces.

High-quality materials and modern technologies are used to ensure comfort and safety in the designs of villas in the style of palaces.

Villa design Palace in Turkey
Villa Palace design

Designs of the facades of villas in Islamic style

The facade designs of Islamic-style villas reflect a deep cultural heritage and architectural excellence. These designs are characterized by the use of complex geometric shapes and interlacing patterns that express creativity in the details.

Rounded arches and decorative columns are also used, which add an atmosphere of romance and contemplation to the designs of villas in an Islamic style.

This style provides a refined architectural experience that combines aesthetics and quality, taking into account privacy and natural ventilation that comply with the principles of Islamic architecture.

Designs of facades of villas in Islamic style in Turkey
Designs of the facades of villas in Islamic style

UAE villa designs

The designs of Emirati villas embody a unique blend of antiquity and modernity, blending the heritage of the UAE with modern construction techniques. With luxurious facades and refined details, these villas feature spacious interiors that reflect a deep understanding of the local lifestyle.

It uses high-quality materials that comply with environmental standards, with an emphasis on comfort and luxury. These designs express a rich cultural identity and provide a modern living experience that reflects the progress and development of the UAE.

Designs of Emirati villas in Turkey
UAE Villa designs

Design of Moroccan villas

The design of Moroccan villas reflects the essence of traditional architecture in Morocco, with the use of warm colors and artistic engraved inscriptions. This design is characterized by curved arches, decorative wooden ceilings, and the use of colored glazes with unique geometric patterns. Moroccan design is characterized by its creativity in controlling light and shade and providing interior spaces that combine privacy and opening to the gardens and courtyard, providing a living experience that expresses the ancient Moroccan culture and heritage.

Designs of Moroccan style villas in Turkey
Moroccan style villa designs

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