Designing your dream space brings a feeling of uniqueness and comfort. However, choosing the right design company is crucial to achieving your dream design. There are many architecture companies.

In Turkey and Istanbul, in particular.

If you are looking for the right company, this article is for you. It includes the various topics you should know and focus on before contracting with any architecture design company.

Bloom the best architectural design company in Istanbul, Turkey

Bloom Company is distinguished as one of the best architecture firms in Turkey, Istanbul, providing top-notch services in the fields of engineering studies, construction, contracting, and decoration. It has achieved several large and distinctive projects, including the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, which was designed and supervised by the world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid. Thanks to this remarkable achievement, Bloom Company has taken a leading position in this industry.

Bloom has extensive experience in various fields, such as residential, commercial, and hotel design. In addition to other broad accumulated experiences, it is one of the top architectural consulting firms in Istanbul, offering innovative and creative solutions to its clients. Bloom operates in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, allowing it to provide architectural design solutions to clients worldwide.

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Bloom architectural design services in Turkey

Bloom Co. for architectural design is considered the best option for those seeking professional architectural design services in Turkey. Starting at the planning to the implementation and follow-up stages.

Architectural consulting firms in Istanbul.

The company also offers a wide range of services that meet different needs and requirements. These services include engineering plans, exterior design, interior design and decoration, architectural animation, and construction.

Engineering studies

Bloom Company stands out for its wide experience in engineering plans. The company’s expert team works on preparing and presenting integrated engineering studies for all types of buildings, providing all the necessary details for project execution with the highest quality through a package of designs and plans.

The company offers comprehensive and integrated services to its clients, dealing with all the intricate details during engineering design to fully meet clients’ needs. This service includes designing and renovating new and old buildings, redesigning interior spaces, providing engineering advice and consultation, and monitoring, supervising, and evaluating engineering projects.

Construction and project management

Bloom Company’s integrated construction and project management services are among its most important architectural services. These services include the complete implementation of construction processes, starting with engineering plans, work plans, and contracts and ending with following up on final touches and delivery to the client.

The Bloom company is characterized by its ability to execute all projects, no matter their complexity, thanks to the accumulated experience of Bloom’s team in this field. The team has the ability to complete all tasks efficiently, with high quality, and in an integrated manner, ensuring the implementation of projects in the way that the client dreams of.

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Construction and project management

Exterior and facade design

Bloom Company is distinguished by providing exterior facade design services for buildings using various durable building materials. This is achieved by transforming creative ideas into realistic and distinctive designs that reflect their owners’ tastes. The company offers different proposals and visions to customers to identify the design that meets their needs and project requirements.

The Bloom team designs building facades of all types using advanced architectural methods to add a distinctive and impressive touch and create a unique character to buildings’ external appearance.

Interior and decoration

Bloom is one of the interior architecture firms that provides interior design and decoration services by providing a complete visual representation of the interior spaces in your building. The specialists at Bloom study the interior spaces of the building using various architectural methods and techniques. They also provide detailed and integrated plans, as well as the professional implementation and monitoring of every detail, no matter how small.

Bloom Design provides a range of interior design and decoration services, encompassing furniture arrangement, color and lighting selection, and the design of walls, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and other interior details.


Architectural animation is one of the services provided by Turkish architecture firms, including Bloom Co. This type of explanatory video is used to illustrate all the details and angles of the exterior and interior design to clients. When a new project is designed, the architectural animation team at Bloom can create a detailed video that includes the building design and its details to help clients visualize the project better before starting the implementation process.

These explanatory videos are created by using the latest specialized technologies and software, helping to provide distinctive and effective results. In addition, architectural animation is part of Bloom’s strategy to achieve the highest levels of quality and innovation in all of its architectural services.

Facade implementation

Bloom, one of the best architecture firms in Istanbul, also offers the distinctive service of designing and executing building facades; this service stands out from other design companies as it covers all stages from design to execution. The client is presented with multiple facade designs and materials to choose from. This allows him to select the shape and materials that best suit his needs and taste.

Also, this service includes renewing old building facades to give them a renewed look, using the latest technologies and materials available on the market. The Bloom team always seeks to achieve distinctive and innovative designs for building facades, enhance architecture’s aesthetics, and achieve the highest levels of quality.

Interior decoration and fit-out

Bloom Company offers one of the leading interior design and finishing services in the field of architecture in Turkey. All designs and interior decor plans are executed with precision and professionalism, including renewing old buildings’ decorations or designing decorations in conjunction with the construction process.

The company implements the latest trends and technologies in the interior design process, achieving modern and unique designs, and selects the raw materials used in the finishes carefully.

Bloom Projects in Istanbul – Turkey

Bloom Engineering Company for Architectural Design is one of thebest architecture firms istanbul –  Turkey. It provides integrated services in the field of architectural design and is characterized by a qualified team with extensive experience in all areas to meet all customers’ needs.

The company has executed many distinctive projects, including:


LAGÜN MANGALBAŞI Restaurant in Istanbul is one of the best restaurants in Turkey, designed by Bloom Company to combine authenticity and modernity. The restaurant’s design is characterized by meticulous and stunning architectural details that create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance.

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TOSKANA VILLA is considered one of the best villas in Istanbul; it was designed with modern architecture and elegant taste to meet all the needs of the client and provide innovative and unique solutions to transform large spaces into comfortable and ideal places for use, in addition to achieving the ideal balance between beauty and comfort.

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İSTOÇ OFFICE was designed by Bloom to reflect the modern and dynamic spirit of the company. The latest and most modern architectural design techniques were used to create open and comfortable workspaces; the office was also designed in an innovative and new style that enhances creativity and provides a comfortable and inspiring work environment for employees and clients.

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In conclusion, Bloom is considered one of the top architecture firms in Istanbul, with a wide and diverse experience in the field of architectural design. It uses the latest technologies and tools to produce unique and exceptional designs and can be relied upon to design and execute projects in an outstanding and efficient manner, making it the optimal choice every time you are looking for the best quality in the field of architectural design in Istanbul and Turkey.