We design & build ART.

The essence of architecture design will always be about people and how they live.

It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what's in or what's out.

This is not an easy job.

About Us
About Us

Our History

Our history goes back to 25 years ago when we started our business as a company specialized in Steel and Tensile structure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we established our name Al-Mirkaz as a professional company in this field.

Focusing on targeting distinctive and highly challenging projects, we were able to complete a number of huge and distinctive projects, the most important of which is the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, where we handed over the works of metal and tent structures in the project designed and supervised by the international architect Zaha Hadid, and during this march we covered 2.4 million m2 By 40.000 tents with different projects in several countries around the world.

In parallel, and for nearly 8 years, we started our steps in Turkey by establishing AD Arch-Con Architectural Design and Engineering Studies Company in Istanbul and rapidly developed its business to include many areas, including residential, commercial, hotel, restaurants and others, in addition to the construction and building works on a turnkey system, and this also included shipping a lot of goods to several countries around the world from Turkey, depending on our partners and our strong network of relationships.

Backed by this long history full of achievements and a good reputation, these accumulated and extensive experiences, and the network of relationships and close partnerships, the business of BLOOM Company was launched in its two main branches in Istanbul – Turkey and Riyadh – Saudi Arabia as a company that provides architectural design solutions from engineering studies, 3D designs and animation in addition to construction, contracting and decoration works. Building materials and exported from Turkey to several countries around the world.

Our Brand

We are a multinational company with expertise in markets and cities around the world, where we were able to gather many advantages by being a German, Turkish, Arab Gulf company:

ِArab Gulf, with our long history, our huge projects that we have implemented in the Arab Gulf countries, our extensive network of relationships with distinguished customers such as Aramco and SABIC, and projects with government agencies such as the Saudi Ministry of Defense and others, in addition to the presence of one of our main branches in the city of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

German management and standards, as the company’s most important cadres and working columns are from Germans, in addition to that our production lines and part of our supplies are of German origin, and therefore our quality standards are German

Turkish company with our main center in Istanbul and a large number of design, decoration and contracting projects, including residential, commercial, hotel, restaurants and others, which we have carried out in many Turkish cities supported by a strong network of suppliers and laboratories in various sectors and fields of various materials, and this gave us strength and a great ability to export building materials to Many countries around the world

Our Vision

Believing that the construction process is an integrated process, starting from the first lines in the project and ending with the delivery of the key, and that includes the supply of engineering, logistical and administrative services and materials, we established our company on the idea of ​​parallel work between the  design and implementation to reach successful buildings by all standards

We are an engineering studies and construction contracting company based on the integration of all stages of building construction to reach unique designs and distinctive facilities that meet all the needs of our customers, and at the same time we provide all services separately and professionally and in line with customer requirements.

On these foundations, our company was and still providing its services at all levels to a large number of customers in many cities around the world, and the company’s positioning in the city of Istanbul helped with its huge advantages and capabilities.